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Featherweight….what is it?

Sewing/ Sewing Machines


Featherweight. I heard this term on the Knitmore girls podcast.  Jasmine would say I sewed it my featherweight.  I always wondered what in the world is a featherweight?  Boxing?????  This question stayed in the back of my mind but I never researched it …..until I had the pleasure of seeing  one. Back in November after leaving my office  I decided to upgrade my sewing machine so I could production sew.  While at the sewing machine dealer I tested a few machines and I asked do you have any featherweights?  The associate, Emily said yes, would like to see one?  Yes Please!

I was born Born June 19, 1940.


Sewing old school Earnestine born June 19, 1940 #singerfeatherweight#vintagesewingmachine#blacksinger#perfectstraightstitching



Featherweights were introduced at the 1933 Worlds fair flaunting its stuff as the first portable sewing machine weighting  in at only 11 pounds. Since most machines during that era were encased in a cabinet and EXTREMELY heavy the Singer 221 was definitely a hit.  Such a hit Over 3 million were produced


This little machine has the best stitches I have ever seen.  Before I blast you with a bazillion pictures let me share a few things about this little doll.

Singer 221-came in 3 colors only.  Black, Pale Celery(greenish tint white) and Tan.  The black units were produced in the millions are are very easy to find but can definitely range in price from free(in a family members home) to 400+.

The black unit also came as  a free arm, Singer 222K-There are a fortune!  AS in in the thousands!



Comes with a box which contained accessories and a place for the foot pedal.  I have a reproduction box the original.

Had tension controls but early machine such as mine had no numbers on it. You can get numbered dials though.


Have become  collectors items and they are very popular among quilters.

Can be painted in all colors but I will warn you paints jobs range from $500-$1100!

Since they have only mechanical parts you can do the maintenance yourself:).  Score!

Here are a few glamour shots of my featherweight  aptly named Earnestine after my Grandmother.




                                                                                              Tension dial with no numbers





The top bulb is orginal…..FIYAH!!!! Whoa this thing gets HOT! So I replaced it with an LED, how cools is that!





this pedal is too funny. The “button” on the left is the only one that can be depressed. The other button is stationary so you sew with your toe, hehehe.




Some of these attachments are hysterical looking!


Holes to place in a seam guide as the needleplate has no markings

To use modern taller,ligher in weight spools you will need a thread stand. If not your thread will "jump" off your machine...ask me how I know, lol.

To use modern taller, lighter in weight spools you will need a thread stand. If not your thread will “jump” off your machine…ask me how I know, lol.



Isn’t’ she just a doll?  There’s so much info on singer featherweights and I have learned so much.  If you want want there out there but…..betcha can’t buy just one!


Toodles! and Happy Sewing!



Posted on November 29, 2015

Vivian Handbag and Traveler Pattern Review

Handbags/ Sewing

I needed another bag to take to my moms for Thanksgiving. ….Quick.   No Judging. I am looking at you like Ester would look at Fred Sanford.   Say hello to the Vivian by  Swoon.


My Senna tote was killing me as I had it stuffed with all the components necessary for an episode of Survivor!  So I figured I would remedy that and make a handbag.  The Vivian comes in 2 sizes a handbag size finishing at 12″and a Travellor size at 17″.  I needed the Traveller:).



Time is Deer-ZeetZeet Etsy Shop I purchased this fabric once before and used if for a knitting project bag

Black and white Polka Dots/Grey and White Polka Dots -Waverly

Made my own piping

Pattern Overview:

I’ll admit I didn’t read..I am a bad mammah Jamma huh? made this bag by looking at the photo!  Since I decided to make this in 2 days before I headde to my moms I owe it all to Ali Cat and CO.  She did  a sew along some time ago so I followed her.  This is a quick sew as their aren’t many pieces but there are several areas where you need to play close attention, straps, zipper and drop in lining.  This bag calls for a foam stabilizer which was a first for me it was very easy to work with.  I recall thinking foam! I could only imagine sewing through that dense foam sold a Joanns used for out door cushions.  It is not at all like that, its very easy to work with and did not require a walking foot.  It was a great quick sew!



I omitted the inside zipper pockets since I don’t use that and tend to have a gazillion zippered pouches I used instead.  I added studs to the handles.


A Word of Caution

When lining your straps I only like to see one stitch line. I adhere my straps to the body with hem tape.  That ensures ZERO movement and perfect alignment at the base of your bag.  Use an edgestitch foot for perfect stitching.  I tacked down the lining to the seams to reduce droopie-ness.  There’s a tute on the swoon blog.  Drop in linings always require special attention to take it slow.



Juki F600

1/4″ foot with guide

Edge Stitch foot

Zipper foot

Wonder under

Scotch tape

Hem tape

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WonderWoman Tote Bag

Handbags/ Sewing


Whew It has been a whirl wind yall!

norman rockwell

Let’s see……we’ve moved ….almost…it took over a month and required some serious downsizing. You know that is blashphemy for a crafter right!  During the move the gas company had the street blocked off for 2 weeks at the old house.  Then 2 days later they blocked off the new house!  (side-eye) .  Then Street cleaning on the side of the street in which we needed to park!  Next rain..I mean if I believed in Voo-doo someone definitely put a hex on us!  Well today is the last day so I am hiding waiting on Amazon and the husband is taking care of the last bits.  I had a small setback with my eye..just google eye concretions…that’s all I’m saying. Now take all that and add several days of overtime and double workshifts for the husband.  Did I get your sympathy yet???  I surely did need it!  Today we are on the move again and the closest we’ve been to some sort of normalcy!

With all that I did have a few custom projects going on and Ha!  I made all my deadlines….yess.  I also have some new goodies that I will share with you shortly too.  Before I said my final ado to corporate america I was asked to create a Wonderwoman Tote Bag with a custom message inside.I also knew I wanted to come up with my own design for a tote bag too.  Here are the deets!  My pictures are not the best as we were deep in the bowels of moving so forgive me.

Custom Wonder Woman tote is coming along....#wonderwoman#customtotebag#shophandmade#sewing#hopkinsstudio

I had a great time with this tote.  I used  a combination of fabrics to anchor the WW toss fabric.  Sometimes the toss fabrics have so much going on that you can’t really see the bag design.  I love the front pocket and hardware.

As with anything you make you learn things along the way.  That’s the benefit of being a maker.   So I jotted down notes too.

I really enjoyed this as I was making it for an awesome friend to give as a gift and the tote included a handwritten note.

She was worried the message wasn’t perfect but it was from the heart and that’s all that matters.  So glad to have been able to make this tote and its a good draft of what I would look for in a tote bag.

So glad to be back sharing with you and chat with you soon!



Posted on September 26, 2015

New Beginnings, New Blog and a New Bag Review

Handbags/ Pattern Review/ Sewing

There are lots of things happening here in the Studio over the next month!   A new career, new location and a new bag.  Lets chat shall we?

On to New Beginnings

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to dedicate myself full-time to my business, Hopkins Sewing Studio!  I am over the moon about it but I have a ton of work to do.  So I ask for your patience as I get it all together.  Now let me catch you up!

New Blog

Say hello to  I am teaching myself all the things! Pray for me yall! I have transferred my posts from to here.  Still figuring it all out.


Now all that housekeeping business is out-of-the-way on the bag!


Say hello to my new little “everyday” Bag.



Pattern Overview

I was  in the market for a new “everyday purse” and I like them big.  You never know if I will have to use it as a flotation device:).  I switch bags when I commuted to work so I exchanged from my Backpack to my tote bag to my purse.  I took a good look at my purse and I could have died, the thing was barely constructed.  vegan leather(pleather..what ever you want to call it) was peeling off and it wasn’t even worthy of the thrift store!  Ladies check your handbags it just may be time!  So this prompted me to begin to think about sewing a new everyday bag when I had a chance.  Enter the Senna Tote.  A collaboration between LGB and Willow and Co.  I felt this tote was a little snazzier with the zipper and rounded fold over top so I gave it a shot

Source: LBJ Studio Etsy Shop

Source: LBJ Studio Etsy Shop $9

I enjoyed this pattern.  It was written really well and used graphics instead of camera pictures.  If this bothers you don’t worry there are very little pieces and its very easy to follow.  There are several reviews for this pattern some even from first time bag sewers.  The pattern provides different options, hardware and fabric cutting guides which is always helpful.  The Senna Tote used interlining which was a first for me since I swear by interfacing but the bag holds up wonderfully.  I definitely learned to trust the designer on this one.  It’s a one day-er so get busy.



Ex Libris collection by Allison Glass purchased from my local quilt shop

Book Plate-Charcoal

Historical Fiction in Gold

Historical Fiction in Strawberry

Zipper Pull-Joanns-Isn’t she just a doll!

I used the Pink on the inside to brighten the bag a bit.  I took the seam sin 1/2 inch I hate saggy linings or when the insides droop.



I also used the pink to highlight my personal label.



I lined and made bias tape on the pockets to add some contrast. , added rectangle rings, stiff bottom and bag feet.

08-IMG_9521           IMG_502317-IMG_9530

The pockets are not lined, that’ s a no-no for me I had add lining.  I did not add the magnetic snaps.  I wanted to be able to access my ipad from this pocket which ended up shallower than I expected.  If I added my ipad the snap would have been in the way.


I used pellon 71F to make a stiff bottom and added feet.



I LOVE this zipper pull!


IMG_5027 (1)


Remember the false bottom…I forgot I wanted to added it.  Thank goodness for this small iron because I had to stick it inside the lining opening all ninja style like to fuse my stiff bottom, LOL.  It’s good to have a bazillion irons!  Using rectangle rings….ack.  I should have used these instead.  Already on order… The rings turn to the narrow end while carrying..ick.  You live you learn.



If you have any trouble at all it will be the curved zipper. Be sure to line up your dots and take your time and you will be fine.

Here a few more pictures of the finished bag and the cute taken when the weather was Beautiful outside.

IMG_5026 IMG_5023 I really enjoyed making this tote and want to make a few for my shop.  Of course when you make a bag you must make matching accessories too.


I made a high zipper pouch and lined it with my DIY matching laminated cotton.  I hate when creams or lotions lose their tops and create a mess.  I couldn’t resist making this little tissue holder using this tutorial too.


Give the Senna Tote a try Buy It Now.

Happy Stitchin!


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Ruby Made by Rae Pattern Review


I made another top a few weeks ago.  Yes I will get better so I am going to keep practicing.  After perusing around on I decided upon the Ruby top/dress by Indie designer Hoeskra of Made by Rae.



I really liked this pattern.  The pattern is visually pleasing, its color coded.  It is designed for the beginner so Rae has tried to make it as simple and non-intimidating as possible.Success!Rae offer several seaming options which speak to the absolute beginner or the experienced.  It actually gave me a refresher on the various seam options and how to execute them.  I felt as though I were gaining skills and learning new ones all at the same time.  I spent the majority of my time finishing my top and I am pleased with it!.The pattern can be made into a top or dress or as in my eyes a dress that I will wear as a top. So lets have  a look:

1-IMG_2269                             1-IMG_2270

Pattern can be purchased at  MadebyRae or

$16.00 23 page PDF

Farbric:  Hobby Lobby



I scored these fabrics at Hobby Lobby.  I adore Hobby Lobby and I MUST stop when I see one.  I picked up this fabric and new it had to be for this top/dress.  This fabric is 100 percent cotton.  I prewashed on warm  and dried it in the dryer.  No fading, bleeding but it is not the softest.  I thought it would soften after washing, it did not.  so its pretty firm


Zilch…well unless you count the hem, I serged it:) and left it exposed.



You remember the neckline from my sailor top..well that wasn’t going to happen again.  I finished my muslin and felt pretty good that I got it on and all was well. I can laugh now but I think I am impressed with making a muslin and have in my mind that is a “fake” garment that I am not using it for it’s true intention.  To allow for a  good fit.  I am happy I got the garment together when I should really be looking at and addressing any fit issues…alas next top!  The pattern is only a few pieces so it a quick sew.  Can you spot the issue?  The sleeve well the sleeve less……..right at the edge.  You see its over my shoulder….not sure what the technical part of that would be called.  My finished top is a tad bit over my armpit so I think I will make the medium bodice next time.  I am learning about my self looks like I need to make garments smaller in the shoulders than the bust.  Ha!  that is the joy of sewing and also the reality that everyone’s body type is different so patterns do not always fit exactly….google fit model and you will see.

Lets us all Gather…I learned my lesson with my gather foot on my sailor was a mess.  This time I took my time without my fancy dancy gathering foot and got perfect gathers.





Based on the version you choose as your finish that’s where I spent the majority of my time.

1-IMG_9891 1-IMG_9890

I chose flat fell seams and they took a while.  I definitely love the look but they do take some time.  I also chose the option to bind the armpit and the sleeves.  Now Rae does offer a non binding option with video but I chose to make the pattern as is.  Man Oh Man it was quilting all over, LOL.  I need a little clover binding thingie because woo to make teenie binding..fold it over..and the the death steam from the iron..ack!





Whew…That was something, lol.  Once it was all pinned….hurry up and wait…I was taking my time to ensure it was neat.





The hem.  I wanted to use my serger on every garment to ensure I get comfortable right.  Well one tip I learned was to thread the serger with different colors until you are more comfortable so I did that….and it worked so I was serging along. Then all of a sudden it hit me..rats if I hem this you will see it thread since my thread is dark…whoops! So I left the hem down but serged.  That still makes me laugh.


None at all with this one.

It was windy when I took the picks but here are a few more.

1-IMG_9915 1-IMG_9919

And this is how I wore it!  All hail to the cardigan!


Ruby Dress Top designed by MadebyRae Highly Recommend!

Happy Stitchin’




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Happy National Sewing Month

Source: NationalSewing

Source: NationalSewing

Boy have I been sewing up a storm so this month falls right in line.  I’ve decided not to make personal goals but a few for my business and that’s it.  Since its NSM lets talk about  our sewing equipment and what I like about them.


Naturally, a sewing Machine.


Brother PC420.  I scored my machine as a vendor sample, it was unopened and never used for $75!  At the time I was in the market for a machine that” did more stuff” so I had been researching online.  I saw this machine and I noticed there were only 2 machines left I snatched that baby up like the last piece of chicken! I knew if it didn’t work I could return it but I would figure out all that …..later.  Its been  about 4 years and it has served me well.  I love the start/stop button as opposed to the foot pedal, auto threader, see through bobbin, nice weight,  pretty quiet and a bazillion different foot options.  One day I may graduate to a Bernina but until then I will keep on rockin’ my Pc420.


My Serger

Brother 1034D-My serger is new to me and is pretty easy to use.  I will admit I was super scared of a bat in the house scared, lol.  Then I said  to myself ……its a machine…you are smarter than it!  I wanted professionally finished edges in my handmade clothes and now I have that ability.



Rowenta Travel Iron

This iron makes it so easy when pressing smaller seams.  I make a lot of bags and this iron can get into the smallest seams even get inside of pockets.  See the tip.


 Its light weight so if you have heavy hand or are use to the weight of the Oslo iron  just be mindful.


Janome Artistic Iron Press

Makes adhering interfacing a breeze and saves a TON of time!

Rep your equipment and tell me why you like it!

Happy sewing@




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Fancy Tiger Crafts Sailor Top Review

Sailor Top-Cvr

Fancy Tiger Crafts Pattern $18.95 PDF 16.00 Creative Bug Membership $4.95 pieces only video included

I have been sewing….ALOT. I was determine to better my skills so I am tackling it one project at a time. Since I am self taught I depend on the internet tutorials and classes. This time I decided to make the Sailor Top from Fancy Tiger Crafts via my Creative Bug Membership.  So I used the pattern pieces and followed the online video class.



The ladies of Fancy Tiger describe the sailor top pattern as an easy-to-wear & easy-to-sew raglan sleeve top with a sweet gathered neckline. Its a-line shape is never clingy. This wardrobe staple is oh-so-practical for every day wear & looks great in many different fabrics. I agree with all the above. The pattern can be used with multiple fabrics and can easily get out of hand!  Meaning you can end of making a baziliion.


Since this was a quick sew I decided not to make a muslin…..not the best idea.    I did have fit issues and I want to be sure I get the pattern adjusted because I would love to sew several more.



Cotton and Steel Dandelion from Craftsy.  I prewashed  my fabric for the first time with Aquae Soak.  The fabric had a substantial hand unwashed.  When washed it seemed to just melt and had great drape and was just as vibrant.

This was one time I was glad to have various marking tools this pink marker worked great.  Also the first time I traced right on the fabric.  Normally I would pin then cut but this was much easier.


I made the size large for all pieces. Modifications NONE, Zilch!  This top was a front/back and two sleeves not much to  modify.  I normally lengthen my shirts nope not this tim..I let it be.


First up sleeves! Wait…what?  yup you construct the sleeves first.  nothing to it.  Let finish the construction.  Using Rowenta travel iron is great pressing small pieces and it heats up super quick.


Lets wrap this top up.  I was careful to make sure the seams matched too.


I finished my side  seams with my serger a Brother 1034D this was my first time using it.  BUY IT NOW.


                                      I added the yoke and that was it.  Yay time to try it on.


Ugh…..skued.  why is this puling to one side…..and back puckers.  Hmmmm UNDO. I took the from and back off. So how the Yoke was simply too big.  I guess that means I could have narrow shoulders?  Did I cut out the wrong size.  not sure.  I took the front and back loose.  I ended up having to put to darts in the back about 1/2” and then I was good to go.  So yes  I need to revisit this again.  This pattern is rated beginner plus since there are so few pieces but it s a lot of curves going on here. I don’t like to make the same thing twice so I will let it rest then revisit.  As I said its definitely a top I would like to have a few multiples of.


The gathers are smooth.


Now the back lie flat


have to tell the photog husband to make sure my shirt is all the way down next time:).

01-IMG_2246 02-IMG_2247

And yes we always must have the bathroom shots, LOL.  When I wore my top to the office I had a cardigan on which I wear daily.

What I loved

Minimal pieces

flattering for all

great wardrobe builder

several reviews already

Second Thoughts

Should have made a muslin no matter how few pieces

Would like to make it longer next time.


Gathering Foot

How long to make?

one day

I will make this top again so stay tuned.  Happy Stitchin’



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Amy Butler Anna Tunic Review



I adore Amy Butler!  I have made several of her bag patterns and skirt patterns.   This time I decided to make the Anna Tunic.

AB anna tunic

Pattern Review

I purchased my pattern …snap I can’t remember but its an old design and can be hard to find. Amazon has it though.  This is a tissue pattern with very few pieces.  Amy’s patterns I feel are for a confident beginner, full of graphics and yield beautiful handmade bags or garments.  As always I scoured the internet to see what overs had to say about the  fit, some said too high in the back, or that the sleeves where too tight.  I made sure to be-mindful of those trouble spots.  I made a muslin, my first one:) and finished the top in one day.  Tops are new to me , I’ve only made 3 previously and I am glad I made this one.  I recommend this pattern for a confident beginner.  Once you address any fit issues I think you will like this.  Next year I would like to make the dress version, too.


As I mentioned this was my first tracing a pattern and making a muslin.  I purchased medical exam paper and used some tracing paper   from the thrift store.  I watched a how to trace a pattern class by Heather Ross on Creative Bug on how to do it.



L-Joanns not sure of the name.  Its Cloud9 from their quilting section of the store.  R-Amy Butler French Wallpaper in Mustard

Piping was pre packaged from Joanns


No lining-this is sleeveless I felt it was too hot.  My fabric was not sheer so I didn’t see it necessary.


I ironed the pattern and began.


I highlighted my size and transferred all the things!  I’ll admit I was really excited to try something new and to know I would get a really good fit.  My concerns were what I had researched too tight or gaping armholes, tight in the bust and too high in the back.




I sewed up the Muslin, tried it on and was satisfied.

1-IMG_9825 1-IMG_9828

I began sewing the top.  There are several curvy bits with this pattern use lots of pins silk pins are great because was able to sew right over them with no issues just take your time.  If your machine can not handle pins just go slow so you can pull them out.


I wanted piping on mine so I glue basted the piping and attached it. The piping did leave a bulkly seam since I didn’t line it so I had to hand sew over that area.


33-IMG_9758 34-IMG_9759

I used a flat felled seam….hehe I just had to look that up.  I didn’t know what it was called!


The yoke can be confusion so I was glad I made a muslin fist. The buttons are really a nice touch too.


Since I didn’t line it i have some bulk in this seam.  I don’t know how to use my serger so I didn’t use it.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with that area so I whipped stitched down.  Not satisfied with it when I figure out the serger I will revisit this.


I sewed the hem ok this was the first time I really realize that you sew the hem wrong side up.


I  added the belt being careful to really match up the folds. And Done.






Tools Used:

Elmer’s washable glue with fine tip

1/4 piecing foot

Medical exam paper

Tracing Wheel

Pinking Sheers

Time it took to make:

Muslin and top one day.  Finished details the next day

What did I like about the pattern:

The result its a nice top.  Not many pieces, comes together quickly

Dislikes about the pattern




My Difficulties

No real problems just learning to work with curves.

All in all I enjoyed every bit.  I learned some new skills and have a great top to boot!  I tooks a few pics at the office but I had all kinds of crazy shading,

44-IMG_2205 48-IMG_2209 47-IMG_2208 45-IMG_2206

Toodles and happy sewing!


Posted on August 13, 2015

Stitches Midwest 2015



I bought some stuff yall.  My goal was to shop the indie dyers that I had seen online and pick up some Addi Clicks….! I had such a good time this year at stitches.  I ran in the very person who introduced knitting into my life, Vera.  Oh I gave her a big ole hug!  I ran into new friends and sorely missed one too.  We were all together for that moment in time surrounded by things that make us happy.

So what did I get..that’s the other reason for going right


             The Knerdshop-so many funny knitty things like these tags I purchased too.

Neighborhood Fiber Arts

Neighborhood Fiber Arts-B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L 

I had been wanting some of Indie dyer Karida’s yarn for years and was so glad to see her beautiful  yarn in person.  SWOON I went to her booth 4 times! The kit I purchased  was knit up on the Yipes Striped Cowl by Ann Weaver.  Not sure if I will get the pattern but the yarn is squishy, springy and simply beautiful.


White Birch Fiber Arts-Killah Bee Colorway.  Just the name makes me laugh.  I have been eyeing White Birch Fiber art for sometime because I wanted the electric slide colorway but I could not pass up yellow, gray and white.


Dragonfly fibers-YUMMY. This colorway is called Van Gogh Sunflowers.  So rich and Vibrant.  Just want to stare at it instead of knit with it.


SHELTER!  I finally got my hands on Brooklyn Tweed.  I had heard several podcasters talk about it too.  This yarn is so light and its American Wool!  It’s spun woolen so the fibers are full of air I am curious how it work up.


MadTosh in the whiskey barrel colorway. Nothing else to be said.  For hubbs.


MadTosh for me!


With a $50 total you also received a pair of free ebony needles.  I picked size 17.


Love gadgets and things.  Handwork Hardware dpn holder,   Wrapture wool wash, glass nail file, Owl:) tape measure and stickers from the knerdshop;

That’s all folks.  See you next year stitches!



Posted on July 27, 2015

Swoon Patterns-Stella Weekender Bag Review

Sew-A-Long/ Sewing

Remember the Sew -A -Long with my mom? She and I decided to sew the Stella Weekender from Swoon Patterns.  Well here’s my Stella Weekender Bag.


Complementing Accessories

Jewelry Roll using tutorial from Positively Splended.


1-IMG_9732 1-IMG_9733

Lingerie Bag



About Swoon:

Alicia has great quality professional patterns, fabric, notions, subscriptions clubs,  a remarkable FB group which includes a discount for members and outstanding customer service!

Pattern Review:

The Stella pattern is a verbally detailed advanced intermediate patten available as  a PDF or mailed paper pattern and retails for $5.95-$9.95.  The pattern yields a beautifully well constructed quality handmade bag.  The pattern has several pieces and will cost quite a bit so save your coupons for this one.  When choosing your fabric get the best quality canvas as your bag will be stunning when complete.  If you are hesitant Alicat&co has a sew a long featuring the Stella that is very detailed and helpful.  I followed the Sew along exclusively.  My bag is no where near perfect but  great fabrics can mask some of those parts I am not so satisfied with.  I highly recommend this pattern to the advanced sewists and the adventurous sewer.

Would I make the Pattern Again: Absolutely!

     1-IMG_9728  1-IMG_9729


1-IMG_9739 1-IMG_9737


Exterior:  Jessica Jones: Outside Oslo in Dusk Wildflower Canvas from
The Needleshop

V and Co Color Theory from Second City Quilt Company:  Gray Poppies

Piping: Random Fabric from Joanns

Piping pre-made …too big…then removed cover of pre-made piping and made my own.

1-IMG_1735 1-IMG_1737 1-IMG_1736


removing the premade fabric



110 % larger(more on this later)

Added 5 interior pockets


Custom Piping

Added Purse Feet

               1-IMG_9741 1-IMG_9740

Added shoulder strap using a tutorial from Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness


Securely stitched the straps differently


Tools Used:

Piping Foot


Narrow  Zipper foot-miracle worker!

John James Sharps for hand sewing-drop in lining

1/4 piecing foot-top stitching

seam gauge

Bias Cut Ruler-making piping

double Side fusible tape-making piping


Iron Press-works miracles pressing interfacing

How Long to Complete:

2 Weeks

Likes about the pattern:

Once you are complete you  have A Great Professional Quality *Handmade* product.

Dislikes about the pattern:

Not really a dislike more of  a preference.  I would have preferred more photos but to be fair.  Alicia provides free patterns in which you can see how her patterns are imaged.  This is simply a wishlist but I knew how the photos would be before purchasing the pattern.


Scaling the pattern 116% whoops  didn’t realize that so yes my bag is HUGE.  Here are a few inside picks for Scale.

1-IMG_9437 1-IMG_9441

I ran just short of piping…what is that 1/8 of an inch…..NO Words.


Pockets are in the wrong order, lol.  It should be the small pocket then the large pocket.

Used non Swivel hardware for the straps…..simply do not like those.  Easy Fix though I can always remake it.

Cut a hole in the exterior panel and removed 9″ by 1″ piece. DUMB…WITH. Yup I had to purchase another yard of fabric.

My Difficulties:

THE goodness it took me like 30 minutes each to flip them inside out.


Sewing the bag after adding the piping……..My machine was in protest!  My machine is not the best for thick seams either but we worked it out….I used the Jedi Mind Trick.  The bag became the death box…like pin head from Hellraiser!!!!!  I shed blood…seriously with all those pins sticking out keep baby wipes in your sewing space…trust me….I was wounded……cry me  river!!!!


Drop in Lining …simply need to practice and Alicia has a tutorial on her site to help.



When assembling the bag the exterior and the lining did not match in size.  Yikes what did I do wrong.  I had extra fabric which I am sure was all me and I bet a seam allowance issue.  I fudged it though and ….Made it work:)  The more you sew the better you become!


Total Cost:

$$$$ Alot, but totally worth it.   LOL


Happy Sewing!



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