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Posted on September 24, 2016

Sew Pro -Conference Day 2

Sew Pro

Pat Sloan.

Pat was our Opening Keynote speaker.  She shared her journey and is living proof that you can make it even if you are the only maker in the family.  She mentioned that her dad repeatedly asked her how is her knitting going, lol.  Pat even shared a picture of her first quilt which is always fun to see since we sometimes think that our crafty role models were born “that way”.  It was wonderful to see her share her up and downs in the industry.

After the keynote it was time to attend your “track”.  The tracks were Fabric Designer, Author, Everyone, Pattern Designer and Blogger.  I did a mix and headed to Lifestyle Blogger Mimi G– of Mimi G StyleCreating a Following and Brand Loyalty.  If you don’t know who she is …..CLICK THE LINK.  I learned ‘”sew” 🙂 much from her that I didn’t want the session to end.  The speakers were so free with their knowledge.  Here are a few Take Aways from MiMi G:

  1.  Don’t Fake it until you make.  People will see right through you.  I loved to hear this as we often here the opposite.
  2. Give it away.  Be free with your knowledge.  Your readers/customers want to build relationship and trust you.  Share your knowledge for free, don’t worry about the thought of someone taking or stealing what you have.
  3. See what works on your blog.  She  brought up the idea that one day she decided to do an OOTD(outfit of the day) instead of a handmade garment.  This gave her an insight of what her readers and audience liked to see.

These are just a few helpful tips.

Session 2

Lora Douglass of Dragonfly QuiltWorks-Taxpayer Compliance for the Creative Business

Lora a CPA and Etsy shop Owner just made happy.  Happy because she was a CPA and had a shop it really added to the credibility and I felt she could relate to me.  Lora shared the Do’s and Don’ts and shared her experience of being audited!  Takeaways from Lora:

  1.  You can not claim professional association fees.  (gasp, I was totally NOT aware of this!)
  2. The IRS has a 3 year expiration for an audit
  3. If you get audited the give you only 30 days!
  4. Try and find a CPA that understand your industry


Both ladies also gave us their email so that we could request a copy of their deck since everyone was writing feverishly!


Lunch Lecture

The Lunch Lecture was presented by the Kristin Link of Sew Mama Sew and Abby Glassenberg of Whileshenaps. These ladies partnered and created the Craft Industry Alliance of which I joined about  a month before the conference.  I joined for 6 months to give it a try so I need to be sure I am utilizing it.  I will do a review around renewal time but for sure I can tell you the resource page is golden!

Afternoon Session

Roseanne Kermes-Sizzix Designer and of the  Rosebuds Cottage website spoke up Finding Your Social Media Voice

Being a Scrapbooker/Cardmaker I was delighted that she has a line with Sizzix:).  Roseanne discussed:

  1.  Content Planning Tools
  2. Decide the role of social media in your business
  3. Be open to criticism and don’t take it personally..eek!

After this session I headed for home I was pooped.  I had  learned soo much I needed to process it all and get ready for the final day.


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Posted on September 19, 2016

Sew Pro Conference 2016-Day One

Sew Pro/ Sewing




This weekend I attended the first ever Sew Pro 2016 here in Chicago.  This was the first sewing conference I had ever attended and the first I had heard of that didn’t include actual sewing! Here a snipped of the purpose of the event where attendees will attend two full days of lectures, panels, and instruction from professionals in the sewing industry. In addition to classes, attendees will midday lunch sessions and surprise fun events and cocktail parties after hours! Sew Pro is a truly unique event that allows budding designers and writers to learn from and mingle with the people who have the best advice to offer– those who have been there and done it all themselves. Our two hostesses were Sew Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness and Brenda Ratliff of Pink Castle Fabrics.

The Mixer 4-6pm

Registration was Thursday from 4-6 followed by a mixer.  I was sew:) glad that the conference was in Chicago so it was a quick hop on the el.  Upon registering I picked up my goodie bag and met Sara Lawson!  I was honored, she is a wonderful designer and really sweet you can find her shop here and her fabrics here.  I love that she took time to fill an industry need!

Even though you are among your people it can be a bit daunting to network with strangers. A group of wonderful ladies invited me to join them as we waited for the mixer to begin and a night of networking was born. The mixer was from 7-10pm and I thought oh! I won’t be staying that long…..and then the most amazing thing happened!  THIS!


Ha speechless! Can't wait until tomorrow! #fangirl #sewproconvention #maker #isew #isewbags

Ha speechless! Can’t wait until tomorrow! #fangirl #sewproconvention #maker #isew #isewbags



Ha!  I was super excited and in awe!  Thank you Sherri of  Rebeccamae Designs and  Guess what …she said I smell good…..I nearly died.

If you aren’t familiar with Tula here are a few of her prints that I’ve worked with.tula-elizabeth tula-pandora tula


She is a very fun and open person…oh and tall! The networking continued as I met a new friend from HydePark and the Bahamas!  I totally felt rejuvenated and excited..and guess was 9:53!..I stayed until 10 and headed home…saying I can’t believe I got pictures with Tula!

Whoo I was totally pumped!  Since we learned Sew:) much I will share the rest over the next week.
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