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Posted on September 30, 2016

Fiber Friday! Shipwreck by SweetGeorgia Yarns

Fiber/ Spinning




During the Chicago Yarn Crawl I was on the hunt to grab some fiber…locally.  I was in luck the shop, Fiberesta club  has Sweet Georgia yarns!  I picked up 2 braids of Shipwreck.


PLAN: Worsted spun, Navajo ply and remain consistent!  I really wanted a stron consistent yarn with no overspun bits.  Next time I should sample.ack I am always so excited to start a project!

This is a BFL Silk 75%BFL and 25% Tussah Silk-nonsuperwash so I better remember that!


I spun this on my matchless using the woolee winder and an akerworks bobbin. Let me tell you I packed that bobbin..ply chicken anyone! lol.  I kept squishing it down..


There was such deep jewel tones at different points of the spin.

13651913_1080308988673106_1764491950_n 13643693_314489518940973_1562161684_n 13741467_1051269971622630_2138029691_n

I did twist checks often.


Ply Chicken anyone!…….I was cutting it close!


Gave it a good bath in Eucalan Wrapture….I love the smell of this stuff!


Between production sewing I am soaking some #handspun for #wipwednesday @mamasbeeneez @jonescrafted @misoknitty @mrsshoo @lovesockwool @twistedstitchespodcast @prairiegirldanie @knittinginfrance #yarnspinnersofinstagram #schachtmatchless #sweetgeorgia #yarnspinnersofig #spinnersofig #bflandsilk #navajoply

I managed about 12 wpi on my tool Spinners Conttol Card from Etsy Seller Hip Strings.  Looks like I a strong Sport/DK!  I’ll take it:) I will update this in my ravelry page today too!




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Posted on July 6, 2015

Tour De Fleece 2015

#tdf2015/ Fiber/ Spinning/ TDF2015

Tour De France Fleece 2015 is here!


What the heck is Tour De Fleece?  Tour De Fleece is a spinning event over on Ravelry where you spin fiber in conjunction with the Tour De France. You rest win on rest days.  You challenge yourself on challenge days.  Wear Yellow for Victory!!!!!!  How fun is that?  This year my goals are the same as last year:

Spin at least 30 mins a day

Spin on my Turkish drop spindle

Learn Long Draw

I started the tour with some Threewatersfarm  farm fiber, SweetPea its reminds me of berries.  I managed to finish one Bobbin once I finally was able to sit down at the wheel.  I did have a little help from Lord of the rings:).


I think this fiber will be really pretty once its finally plied as a 3 ply.



Looks like this may be a nice DK weight so that’s exciting!  Feels good to have fiber my hands again.

If you are a spinner I encourage you to participate its a ton of fun and you really build your skills.  See you later…..Ride On!



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Posted on April 30, 2015

Yarncon 2015

Fiber/ Knitting/ Spinning



What’s going on peeps!  I have been working on a few things and still battling the eye!  I have an appointment this week and I am so glad.  Amist the eye misbehaving and critical changes at the office I managed to squeeze a little bit.  I went to Yarncon this year and for some reason it was a different experience for me.  I wasn’t overwhelmed and made my purchased carefully.  If you’ve ever been to these types of events lets just say ….you just get stupid.  The fumes take over you and Bam you’ve spent well over your budget.  You know what I mean? So I really felt in control of myself this year:).

Here are my spoils!


Claymates Pottery shop on Etsy

How nice is a handmade mug??  A  mug with a zipper that looks like denim blue jeans…Priceless.



Cloudlover odds and ends

My intent was to grab some fiber for my turkish spindle. To consider spinning 4 oz  on a spindle is daunting but little bits and bobs is very doable.


Knit Circus-beautiful gradients



Yellow and Gray is my favorite color combination.  I saw Knitcircus at Stitches Midwest and they were out of this colorway Brass and Steam.  So I snatched it up this year!



This photo is not doing this yarn justice.  Meet Hivemind from the cyborgs craftroom.  S-P-A-R-K-L-E.  I wanted to try her yarns for sometime so why not get an Yarncon exclusive colorway.


Hearthside fibers in the calliope colorway


Hearthside Fibers…yes confetti cupcake!…right??  When I got home my husband said you should remake your scarf and hat out of that yarn.  Ack….I called them, ordered a second skein, they were kind enough to give me the show special.  Great customer service!




Can we say Fruitstrip Gum, lol.  Loved this colorway simply had to have it.  The colorway name is Freak Like Me.

That was my yarncon haul for 2015.  One way to keep the hobbies alive is support.  I encourage you to support local events.




Posted on February 28, 2015

Blueberry Oatmeal

Fiber/ Spinning

I love it.  This is my first handspun on my new Matchless and let me say I am in love!  The fibers were prepped really well and very easy to spin.  Both were a combination of 85% BFL and 15% Silk.

corgihill farms

CorgihillFarms and Spry Whimsy





2 Bobbins spun on Bluebonnet Wheel. One bobbin spun on Matchless.


All 3 bobbins spun on Matchess……swoon!

Look how pretty!  This was such a great spin.  I had some learning with the new wheel but it spun so smoothly.  My plan is to make this pretty right here, the Serena Shawl.



My yarn is wound keep you posted!

Happy Spinning,




Posted on February 24, 2015

These are the days of our lives

Crochet/ Fiber/ Knitting/ Sewing/ Spinning

Since coming back from Costa Rica I have had a heck of a time!

Saturday: Back from Costa Rica.

Sunday: Left church heading  to pick up the pooch I cracked a filling on my tooth whilst eating Terra Veggie Chips.

Monday:  I woke up with a swollen eye!  wha?????eh…….painful.

Tuesday the  eye went down during the day……itching had begun.

Wednesday quasimodo! Eye barely open.  I went to the Dr and was given some ointment…it took some adjusting.  Think Vaseline in the eye!

Thursday: Headed to the office the bus driver slams on breaks, my ear slams against the metal bar….stunned….ear bleeding as I had my earbuds in my ear preparing to knit

Friday get to the dentist to the repair the filling….deep cleaning needed around the permanent retainer about 5 shots in the gums. Only half was complete.


I have had some week now with all that said each incident could have been worse so I thank God for last week and His grace.  Amisdst all that I still tried to find some to create cuteness.


On the Wheel(s):

PicMonkey Collage

L=Blue Sunset 4 oz BFL (Matchless)

R=Burnt Orange Tonal (Espinner)

On the hook:



This is still on the hook!  It may become my office hookin’ not sure.  Also thinking of starting this hat too!

The Knitwit:


My socks are still on the needles sans heels and toes as the yarn  arrived today so  I will dye it up this weekend.  Can’t wait to get those off the needles and wear them.

I have been doing some sewing too!



Whew what a week but I am on the mend!





Posted on January 19, 2015

Sunday Spinning and Fellowship

Fiber/ Spinning

What a great Sunday! It started out with Sunday School we have begun a new study, The Life of Christ….GREAT STUDY! Service today was refreshing Who Knows was the topic as we are continuing our Study on Prayer.  After service we had dinner with our dear friends.  Oh its such a joy to fellowship, dine and talk about the Gospel.   Heart is filled!

After a fulfilling day we made it home about 7 in evening and I took some time to spin.  I have been trying to spin for 15 minutes a day but I don’t push it.  Sometimes I am simply too tired..DO.NOT.SPIN.WHEN.TIRED.  i’m just sayin’. I have learned this.  Back over the summer I purchased The Weeping Angels 2 (5.4oz) colorway from CorgiHill Farms with the hopes of combining it with a Natural BFL I picked up at Midwest Fiber Festival.

Weeping Angels2





Content:Both Fiber contents are 85% BFL and 15% Silk.

Plan: 3 Ply-I love the way a 3 ply creates a round bouncy yarn.  It’s spinning smoothly on the Matchless and I have been using some of the techniques from my Craftsy Class Drafting Worsted to Woolen-review soon!  I am really enjoying this spin both fibers were combed top and really easy to attenuate and are spinning well.  I have one and a half bobbins left to spin.  My plan is too keep spinning until I am tired so it may be a while before you see my finished yarn.

Here is what I have in mind based on my yardage, the Serena Shadow Shawl by Anatonia Shakland  I love the look of this !

Photo courtesy of Ravelry

Photo courtesy of Ravelry


I have some time off before vacation so I should whip out the last 1 and half bobbins.  Happy Spinning!



Posted on September 1, 2014

Single Malt Cowl-Using My Handspun

Fiber/ Spinning

I have been scouring looking for patterns for my handspun.  I hit the jackpot with the Single Malt Cowl designed by Sarah Barbour.

photo via Ravelry

photo via Ravelry

The magic happened!
I can’t believe it. I mean I should believe it but I am in awe.
Guuurrrrlllll just spill it. Ok Ok….squeel!

PicMonkey Collage2

I spun this beautiful yarn back in mid July during Tour De Fleece.  Check out my project notes HERE.

It was a gradient that I Spun Fractal after reading THIS post on Knitty.  I followed the process and was pretty well  pleased with the finished yarn…..that was BEFORE I saw the finished fabric.  This pattern is great for handspun.


The pattern is free and very easy to follow.


Magic Loop

NEEDLES: Knit picks rainbow 10.5 started 24 cable ended with 47

Mods: YO instead of M1L and M1R

Did 4 row garter at neckline.


Highly recommend this pattern for :


Anyone learning to work in the round that has made increases before

A quick Knit

A quick gift

Variegated Yarn

Thick and Thin yarn



Posted on August 27, 2014

Top of the Month! Summer Heat and August Violet

Fiber/ Spinning


Yall know I lurve mail.

I Luvrve subscription services too!

As a new spinner I have to say I have fallen in love with ThreeWatersFarm. They announced a Top of the Month Club.…I was in.  I chose the wool version as I am not quite ready for luxury fibers……..YET.

I was in DEEP!  I also purchased the companion colorway, August Violet as well.

Look at these beauties!!!

PicMonkey Collage-TOTM

Photosource: Ravelry

Aren’t they beautiful and vibrant!  The fiber was 4 oz of Finn, which was a new to me fiber.

The Plan:

I saw Qbabe’s project during tour de fleece and I LOVED IT.  She was my inspiration.

A=Summer Heat

B=August Violet



Spin 400 yards so I could make the Tan Brook House Shawl by Bosten Jen.  Wish me luck!

Source: Ravelry

Source: Ravelry

I  was so careful with this fiber I wanted this project to turn out perfect….ugh well close to perfect. I did my staple length check, made narrow strips and the spinning was on.



So happy to have a consistent drafting triangle.


Here are all the bobbins ready to be plied.

Checking my Wraps per inch

Checking my Wraps per inch




Colorway Name: WinterBerries

Weight: DK


Yards 471

All in all the yarn is BEAUTIFUL its my best spin yet and the most yardage.


8 oz is a lot, LOL.  I found myself becomming impatient as I got to the last combination, AB.  I had to tell myself to take my time.  So maybe next time I mix it up an spin a few ounces of something else or try my drop spindles!

Tour de Fleece made me a better spinner:).

Have my bobbins set aside.  I was so happy to hit the last combinationI forgot that I was suppose to be two plying it and  ended up putting it on one bobbin.  I am to inexperienced to try Andean Plying  so I need to thoroughly plan next time…and get 2 more bobbins for Spinderella.

Can’t wait for next months Reveal!

Happy Spinning!








Posted on August 14, 2014

To Dye For

Fiber/ Spinning

I have fallen down the rabbit hole.  What else can I learn?  What else can I make or create?  Dying….I must say its a natural progression when you become a spinner…right? RIGHT!  I would love to add that skill to my fiber world so as  way to support my local LYS at  SIFU DESIGN CENTER.


The Dying Class included Natural Dying, Kool Aid and Acid Dyes.  First up Natural dyes using beautiful Marigolds.

PicMonkey Collage

Next up Kool-Aid…oh it smelled so good!




And Finally we used the Jacquard Acid Dyes

1-IMG_2031 I haven’t been in m LYS in so long it was good to be back and surrounded by all the goodness!  Here was my finished results!


L-R Acid Dyed, Marigolds, Kool Aid and Acid Dyes

I really enjoyed my self and thought the class was great.  If you are interested in Dying there are several resources out there  your LYS,, Hand dying Yarn and Fleece and YouTube.

I will put what I learned into good use this weekend!  See you in the rabbit hole…..


Posted on August 13, 2014

Stitches Midwest 2014

Fiber/ Spinning

Fiber Mecca has come to Illinois again…this time in form of Stitches Midwest. I had a great time last year.   I was captivated by yarn fumes.  This year was different…since it wasn’t my first time I wasn’t really eager to go all buckwild crazy.  Oh that had nothng to do with Stitches it was PLENTY OF FIBER DELIGHTS TO BE HAD BY ALL but I had to check myself.  Wanna know why..see this photo:

Yes you say.

This is all the yarn I purchased last year at stitches I HAVE NOT USED ONE SKEIN insert pitiful here.


Anothercraftygirl, simpliworsted, socksthatrock rare gem mill ends, Miss Babs x2 and the Verdant Griffin

Stithes Midwest is a mix of Indi dyers, local farms  and commercially dyed fibers.  You can purchase yarn, books, fiber, yarn bowls, clay buttons, jewelry, bags, hand creams and even glass nail files.  It is fiber craft paradise.  Wear comfortable shoes, your own handmade knits or crochetwear, and for goodness sake EAT…a banana cost me 3 dollars!  This year I walked through the market/vendor list and mapped out which vendors I was definitely going to see.

This is what I wanted  to purchase:

GnomeAcres-Thor colorway and wood buttons


Stitch markers

Visit the Blue Ridge needle crafts since they were from my home town:)

Knitty in Color

Dragon Fly Fibers

Gradient Set-Possibly for the Tubularity Shawl

Wood Niddy Noddy

Here is what I walked a way with… :


Undyed Falkland, Bow Tie Buttons and stitch markers



Namaste Circular needle holder


Gnome Acres-Aquaman (for Spousie)



That’s it.  I didn’t find everything I wanted but  enjoyed myself enough to spend 4 hours there:)  Stitches Midwest…see you in 2015!




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