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Posted on March 2, 2016

The Knitting Pipeline Retreat 2016

Knitting/ Knitting Retreat



I attended the  The Knitting Pipeline Retreat this weekend.  What a blast!!!  This was my second year at the treat and I will totally try and go back next year as it first come first available.  The treat is very relaxing a laid back.  It’s held at the Crossroads Methodist Church of which Paula is a member of the church.  It’s very beautiful inside and the volunteers truly have a servants heart.   Here a few quilts that were hanging up.




Paula has a wonderful audio podcast and a a few additional videos as well.

knitting pipeline

I didn’t take any classes this year as I was a bit nervous since this was my first vending event. I sat with a wonderful group of ladies from the North Suburbs, we laughed and laughed.  I am definitely going to check out their guild they’ve had some key players there for sure.

I won a door prize..yay!  Sadly I had to give it away…it was mohair with my eye issues too many loose fibers but it went to a good home.


I worked on by Burberry socks since it was basic stockinette and didn’t require concentration.

burberry socks

I was sewing my fingers off for the retreat but I did a get a few sneak peaks at some of the beautiful yarns.


Julie-Happy Go Lucky Yarns poppin gradients!


Danie of the Prairie  Girls Knit and Spin Podcast—-look at that rainbow sock blank hiding over there…..squeel



Ohhh Jeanette!!!!  Sunvalley Fibers….crushing on all this yarn!


All Hail Sparkly socks blanks for Jennifer of DaizieKnits

There were more vendors but I didn’t get a chance to visit them all or shop.  Now how cute is the necklace….


I also took my sidekick as something as really wrong.  For the life of me the treadling was super stiff.  So what would anyone else do….bring it to the hive mind!  So Julie(happy go lucky yarns, Sarah(Yarn Geek Fibers) and Jennifer( DaizieKnits) got down to business.  Jennifer and I isolated the issue the drive band…thenn BAM..I thought hmm what if I put the drive band on backward..HA that was it yay!


Since I have a ton of yarn and wasn’t able to do much shopping I did  leave a few goodies.


Quice and Co Finch in the Snap Pea r its such a pretty green.

Daizieknits-Ghoul Friends, lol the name simply makes me laugh!

Happy Go Lucky Yarns-OOAK Special Snow Flake

I had a great time and some great new friends and vendors.  Happy Knitting!


Lets stay in touch:

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Posted on March 17, 2015

Knitting Pipeline Retreat 2015-Day 2

Knitting/ Knitting Retreat

Day 2

I decided to wear my Mara Shawl it was my fist knitted shawl.  I was afraid to do the edging so I just stopped, lol.


We began with Breakfast.  Although provided at the retreat since we were at the B and B we ate their.  Sooo nice.  My coworkers friend she grew up there was our server here name was Amy. Look at this killer hot chocloate.  It was Ginormous!


After breakfast James dropped me off back at the church.  Just in time for the needle felting class..woot woot.  We made a flower…its reminded of my hair…LOL!



I sewed on the backing and pinned it to my shawl.


let me say ….needle felting can be therapeutic…stab stab away. BE CAREFUL the needle has barbs but I had fun making it and got several compliments.

Shortly after door prizes began.  I didn’t win any but it was nice to see all the vendors as they gave door prizes away.

Lunch time!  Today was Pi Day=3.1415.  Everyone had fun with that one. Since were still stuffed we decided to hit the square.


Oh this is a great quilt shop!  I restrained myself as I knew my fundage was for yarn goodness but I did a few things.  James picked out a pattern he wanted me to make too!


A zipper, 6 inch ruler, the sew together bag by Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented.


How cute is the little bib that was hanging!


We also strolled through a shop called Step Back in Time, YOU MUST VISIT.  Love the creaking floors and vintage items.  I could have stayed in here ALL DAY.  We will be back but I did pick up a few things….


That iron is so heavy death is immanent it if falls on you.  A vintage cast iron cornbread skillet, maple darning egg:) and a bunch of vintage threads and stuff.1-IMG_91441-IMG_9145

Iron on Corduroy patches, LOL.  I heart vintage goodie bags.


To add history to our trip Abe Lincoln walked here.


This candy store is evil. vintage candy….boston baked beans!!!!!…that’s all I have to say.1-IMG_1526

After we had some fun in the square and lunch we headed back.  There were some ladies sitting on the steps drop spindling using Turkish spindles.  Daizeknits encouraged me to try it……yes I ordered one from Turtlemade.   It seemed so much nicer than my bottom whorl spindles and the ladies were having so much fun.

1-IMG_1519 1-IMG_1518

After my spindle incident I had a chance to go over and take a close look at the shawl candy on display.1-IMG_1512 1-IMG_1514 1-IMG_1515

This caused me to add a few patterns to my cue:

MagicCake Ruffle Shawl

Upstairs Downstairs Cowl

Balsam Hollow

Gills Rock

Hyla Brook

we knit and chatted more.  Then the vendor market opened early.


I stayed pretty close to my budget:)

Yarn Geek Fibers: Sarah


Look at these rolags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angelina, Firestar and BFL


Can you see the sparkly????  ahhh….


When Sarah explained this colorway as one luckly winner received this as a door  price I think the meaning behind it pulled an everyones heart strings.


Colorway: Knitting Pipeline Spring 2015 Retreat Male Cardinal colorway

Sun Valley Fibers: Jeanette


How pretty is this!


Walnut and Maple Yarn Buddy

Fat Squirrel Speaks Fibers-Amy Beth


2015 Commemorative Project Bag


Heritage Hill Farm-Julie

Her and James chatted for quite a while about healthy living.


Leister Long wool and Shetland This is a long wool looks Like I better work on my long draw.

Leading Men Fiber Arts-Steve


Colorway Perfection Call back Base

Ogle Designs-Kim


Coloration in Worsted Colorway 605827

When  purchased the yarn I received the slipstitch cowl and the wave cowl Pattern.

Kitchen  Counter Crafter-JavaJennie


Super cute Stitch Markers and notebook

We had a great time!  I encourage to not let going alone deter you. See you next year Paula and Friends!

Fiber Fabulousness!


Posted on March 16, 2015

Knitting Pipeline Retreat – Day 1

Knitting/ Knitting Retreat

I spent this weekend at the Knitting Pipeline Spring Retreat hosted by Paula of the Knitting Pipeline Podcast.  Paula’s podcast is such a joy to listen too, I originally found her through The Knitgirllls.  The Podcasts is very well produced, informative, educational, more than knitting and it will simply add value to your day.  I encourage you to listen you will love it!

The retreat began at 2pm on Friday but if you arrived early on Thursday you could participate in a local yarn crawl.  I took off only day on Friday and we headed down to Washington Illinois. Its about 2.5 hours from where I live.  We arrived at the Cornerstorne Inn Bed and Breakfast around 1pm.

Song of  Psalms Room Number 6

Song of Psalms Room Number 6

How beautiful is this quilt!

How beautiful is this quilt!


The Jacuzzi tub….no words.

1-IMG_1491 1-IMG_1489 1-IMG_1488

Fun decor that matched the theme, a guest book and a note pad.

The Room was large, charming and full of scripture.



James stayed in the room and I headed off to the retreat. The  B and B is 1.5 miles from Crossroads United Methodist Church which was the venue for the retreat. Its a beautiful place a worship and was great for the retreat.

You received your goody bag and button upon checking in.  This bag is H-U-G-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Your pin had your name and your Ravelry name.  The bag was canvas, with an outside pocket and an inside zipper pocket.



Inside the bag was Quince and  Co. Yarn!  I have never knit with Quince but now I have a chance.

Finch in the Aleucian Colorway

Finch(fingering) in the Aleucian Colorway

Since I was by myself I wasn’t quite sure where to sit, let me just say I am not shy so I wasn’t nervous I just wasn’t sure of the process.  Paula said I could sit with here but she probably won’t be there much, it was sweet of her. I walked a little further and I heard are you looking for a seat?  Ah..knitters are comforting so I sat with Marie.  Then others came and we discovered its it was everyone’s first time at the retreat.



We later had two more ladies join us, Carol and Nancy and we were all set.   Nancy who was also vending even brought here antique wheel.



As everyone was getting settled I was looking around for faces I know from podcasts and ravelry names.  I saw Sarah for Inasknit, Amy Beth from the Fat Squirrel Speaks, Jennifer of  Daizie Knits, Jennifer of Sun Valley Fibers and I chatted quit a bit too.  It was nice to see Sarah and Bronwyn(best laugh ever) who are on the show with Paula at times.  Oh Paula’s mom was sooooo cute  I just wanted to take her home!!  Bob..yay we got to meet Bob which was cool…it was good see the other half of Paula.  If you are a podcast listener you , at least for me, tend to feel apart of their audience…its like being apart of the show so it was cool to see them, watch their knitting style and interaction as they were all sweet and just like me… wool and fiber heaven!

I spent the time looking around to see everyone’s wears, works in progress, needles, bags…everything.  Nice to be surrounded by things you love.

The retreat agenda listed several breakout sessions so I decided to take  Felted Mittens facilitated by Christine, GrnIdgrl on ravelry.




What a fun class!  I am totally making these mitts I am printing off the pattern TODAY.  Christine was very welcoming, thorough and had killer sheep earrings on:).

After the session we were knitting and chatting…kitting and chatting…oh knitting and chatting…ah…so nice.

I also visited one of the rooms as …..had a truck show.  This is what caught my eye.  Are you a reflection of Christ with a mirror inside.  Great reminder!


It was time for dinner.  THE STAFF OF VOLUNTEERS WERE WONDERFUL  I just wanted to give back they were so loving.  It so nice to see the body of Christ serve.  Many thanks to the kitchen crew they were organized, professional and the food was Amazing.


cheeseburger soup! Need I saw more. Delish!  After dinner the local shop,  set up a booth and I purchased a few goodies.


Wonderland Yarns Mad Hatter sport weight 430 Yarns Colorway Dark Rainbow Pt.2

I have been wanted a gradient set for some time.  Score


You can’t leave a hedgehog behind can you.



A few tools…..I love the bent tapestry needles from Knit picks.  They do make it so much easier to weave in your ends.  I also picked up some conductive thread for mittens too.

After that little teaser treat we were entertained by Knitter, designer and Belly dance Libby.

1-IMG_1502 1-IMG_1503 1-IMG_1504 1-IMG_1505 1-IMG_1506

It was fun to watch and unexpected. We knit more…and chatted….and I decided to head on back to the B and B.

My eyes were acting up throughout the day as I am still trying to master my  dry eye routine so I brought my humidifier, gel, drops and called it a night.

More adventure tomorrow!


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